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More experts weigh in on the physician fee schedule proposed rule

Posted by Healthmonix on Aug 14, 2020 4:39:00 PM

by: Roy Edroso 

Part B News

Part B News has examined the basics of the 2021 physician fee schedule proposed rule that was released on August 4, and we'll have plenty more analysis and guidance on the topic in the days to come. Meanwhile, here are some reflections on different parts of the rule by some of Part B News' stable of experts. 

Lauren Patrick, founder and president of Healthmonix in Malvern, Pa. ​on qualified clinical data registries (QCDRs) in the Quality Payment Program (QPP):

A big ongoing message from CMS is reducing burden on clinicians.  To this point, they are trying to improve partnerships with third party intermediaries such as registries and health IT companies... Part of the partnering is the work on [the delayed MVP program], but in addition, it is proposed that QCDRs, qualified registries and health IT vendors support the APM Performance Pathway (APP) starting in 2021. We support this proposal, in that it provides more alignment between the MIPS and APM programs. This helps clinical organizations better understand the performance measurement and transition between various value-based programs.
Additionally, CMS is proposing placing more reliance on these third party intermediaries for data validation from clinicians. The QPP program is maturing, and as such, CMS is working with these organizations to refine the process and further increase the reliability of the data being submitted. In addition, as third party intermediaries continue to participate in the process, CMS is strengthening the approval and review process by placing more review criteria on these entities. 

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