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Happy New Year – And it will be a NEW year!!!

Posted by Lauren Patrick on January 5, 2017

As I sit in my office, I hear the Christmas new-year.jpgdecorations coming down.  There is comfort in the known passing of the seasons and excitement at Healthmonix as we move into MIPS for 2017.  Our new platform for MIPS is ready for launch.  We are excited to see our efforts pay off for healthcare.

While the national election means that the Affordable Care Act will likely be changed, MACRA was passed with wide bipartisan support so will likely be staying in place. We at Healthmonix don’t believe the change in administration will affect the underlying efforts to transition to value-based care, either for MIPS or any other initiatives that we currently support.  The triple aim (better care, lower cost, better patient experience) is still at the heart of what we do.    

The months of studying the new regulations, attending meetings and webinars to learn both the intent and the details of MACRA, and system development are now coming to fruition in MIPSPRO.  We’ve developed a system based on our years of experience with PQRSPRO, other programs, and customer feedback that will enable organizations to monitor their performance and outcomes and take control of their participation.

mips SS.png

The new MIPS PRO dashboard is streamlined to accomodate multiple practices, providers, and MIPS performance categories.

Improvements to look forward to in MIPSPRO:

  • Fresh, Optimized User Interface

    We've overhauled the PQRSPRO interface for a faster, more intuitive experience. Now Practice Managers can easily navigate between practices, providers and MIPS performance categories.

  • Faster load times for Data Integration

    MIPSPRO is able to quickly accomodate data transfer from partner EHRs and through custom spreadsheet uploads. 

  • Tiered product levels so you have exactly what you need, no more and no less

    MIPS participation is more customizable than prior quality reporting programs, so our solution is as well. Choose the best product for your organization's goals, whether its our lite option for simple compliance, or our plus option to achieve the maximum MIPS incentive.

Success in the new arena of value-based care requires healthcare providers to leverage technology.  We understand that this is not why providers joined the ranks of those that care for us as patents.  So our products support clinical and financial performance improvement while minimizes the impact on day-to-day efforts.  MACRA and MIPS are new, but we are ready.

Bring on 2017.  We’re ready.

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