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The Importance of Strategic Health IT Partnerships During COVID-19

Posted by Matt Major on May 5, 2020

COVID-19 Strategic Health IT Partnerships

COVID-19 has presented clinicians with many new challenges that are transforming the entire care delivery model.  It is crucial for health IT companies to do everything possible to support clients with navigating these rapid changes and keeping patients healthy.  Strategic integration partnerships are an extremely effective method to provide clinicians with a reliable network that is packed with the resources needed to provide quality care.  By working together, health IT organizations will play a vital role in overcoming the challenges and adjustments brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Addressing Client Needs

Clinicians are experiencing pressure from many different angles as the pandemic transforms the healthcare system. Physicians on the front lines are facing anxiety and burnout while being tasked with saving the lives of infected patients. Those who are not on the front lines are focused on new methods of care delivery, such as telehealth, to combat financial challenges as facilities report patient visits have decreased nearly 70%

Health IT organizations must do everything possible to ensure clinician success in overcoming the challenges of COVID-19.  Strategic integration partnerships solve this problem by assuring data and resources are immediately available to clinicians so they can save time and focus on delivering care and staying in business.  Building a partnership network to address all client needs will produce major long-term benefits to all companies who participate.

Maintaining Quality of Care

COVID-19 delivers an immediate threat to quality of care.  Maximizing quality of care during the pandemic should be a top priority to ensure the overall health of the population is maintained. By partnering with Healthmonix, health IT companies can better share information, bridge gaps in data, and provide deeper insight into patient health outcomes. Whether care is delivered in person or through telehealth, additional patient insights will allow clinicians to deliver exceptional quality of care in a time that it is needed most.

Long and Short-Term Benefits

Health IT companies who fully support their clients during COVID-19 will be rewarded with both short term and long-term benefits. When the pandemic is defeated, clients will remember the vendors that protected their best interest during what is likely one of the most difficult times of their career. Aside from strengthening relationships that lead to future revenues, organizations who utilize partnerships can allocate financial and development resources most effectively.  Partnerships will produce immediate new revenue streams with little capital investment so companies can deploy resources to greater challenges as they navigate the pandemic.  

To explore how your organization would benefit from a strategic health IT partnership, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How can your organization use resources more effectively?
  2. Where might a partner provide more depth or expertise to your existing capabilities? 
  3. What immediate revenue streams could be exploited to provide greater value to clients?
  4. What would you hope to gain through the relationship?
Ultimately, health IT companies who generate more value through strategic partnerships will enable clients to deliver high quality care while overcoming current economic challenges they are experiencing.  At Healthmonix, integrations have saved clinicians time and money by gathering the data needed to stay compliant and avoid penalties.  Our partners have been able to keep clients satisfied and create new recurring revenue streams that will outlive the COVID-19 pandemic.  Head over to our Partners Page to learn more about our Strategic Partnership Program and check out the webinars we’ve been doing through our Partner Co-marketing Program to help providers during COVID-19.


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