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Primaris Partners with Healthmonix to Provide MIPS and ACO Reporting Solutions

Posted by Christina Zink on June 21, 2018
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Primaris and Healthmonix have joined forces to help healthcare providers meet and exceed new regulations that tie the quality of patient care to the payment for that care.

The partnership between the two organizations provides an even stronger ability to help clinicians and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) succeed in reporting healthcare quality data for the Merit-based Incentives Payment System (MIPS). By partnering, the two organizations are putting their mutual clients at the forefront of the healthcare industry’s transition from fee-for-service payment models to value-based care, where payment is determined by holding down cost while improving quality of care and patient outcomes.

Healthmonix has been a leader in creating quality reporting and analytics solutions since 2007 and has enabled its clients to succeed under various reporting programs. Among its products are MIPSPROTM and ACO PRO TM which provide cutting-edge technology for optimizing quality performance scores. Primaris, a pioneer in the industry’s seismic shift from fee-for-service to value-based care, entered the healthcare scene 35 years ago as a Quality Improvement Organization. Today, Primaris continues to provide a variety of customized services to help clients comply with new payment regulations, specializing in clinical data abstraction.

Company leaders said the working partnership is designed to improve individual patient health and population health, a result of improving MIPS and ACO reporting outcomes with optimal cost management.

“We have an incredible opportunity to complement each other’s services, a real one-stop solution for MIPS success,” said Primaris CEO Richard A. Royer. “This combines their cutting-edge technology with our hands-on quality reporting experience. Why should ACOs and other physician groups have to choose one or the other? Now they can have both.”

Both new and current customers have the ability to benefit from the Primaris-Healthmonix collaboration, he said.

Lauren_Image“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Primaris, and we very much look forward to this exciting opportunity to share and build on each other's success,” said Lauren Patrick, CEO of Healthmonix. “As penalties and incentives continue to increase from year to year across the entire spectrum of MACRA programs, the need for robust, cutting-edge reporting solutions is greater than ever. Our technology, combined with the consulting expertise that Primaris brings to the table, will allow us to provide our clients with even better solutions in terms of outcomes, cost, and patient care through MIPS and ACO participation."


About Primaris

Primaris is a healthcare consulting and services firm that works with hospitals, physicians, and nursing homes to drive better health outcomes, improved patient experiences, and reduced costs. Primaris takes healthcare data and translates it into actionable quality improvement initiatives that create the foundation for highly reliable healthcare organizations. For more information, visit and follow @primaris_health.


About Healthmonix

Since 2005, Healthmonix has provided cloud-based software focused on Quality Improvement and Continuing Medical Education. Healthmonix technology is used by hospitals, private practices, medical education associations, and other healthcare professionals across the country, providing an integrated approach to clinical data registries, healthcare learning systems, and patient engagement. Healthmonix builds systems that are streamlined to collect data relevant to a facility’s improvement goals and transform it into knowledge and then turn that knowledge into measured improvement. With PQRSPRO by Healthmonix, a Top 5 PQRS Registry, they have reported PQRS and MIPS for over 50,000 providers. For more information about Healthmonix products and service, visit and follow @healthmonix.

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