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The CARES Act - March 27, 2020

Posted by Lauren Patrick on March 29, 2020

There is a tsunami of information coming at us all about COVID-19, the impact to healthcare practices, the business climate, and the federal government response. On Friday, we saw monumental legislative changes.  I haven't read the entire 887 page document yet, but here are a couple of the best recaps I've seen.  

From NPR, a concise overview of the Healthcare segment of the funding:

Hospitals: There is $100 billion for hospitals responding to the coronavirus.

covid-19_CARES_actCommunity health centers: The bill provides $1.32 billion in immediate additional funding for community centers that provide health care services for roughly 28 million people.

Drug access: There is $11 billion for diagnostics, treatments and vaccines. The bill also includes $80 million for the Food and Drug Administration to prioritize and expedite approval of new drugs.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: CDC programs and response efforts are getting $4.3 billion.

Veterans’ health care: There is $20 billion set aside for veterans.

Telehealth: The bill reauthorizes a critical telehealth program to extend the reach of virtual doctors appointments.

Medicine and supplies: The bill gives $16 billion to the Strategic National Stockpile to increase availability of equipment, including ventilators and masks. It also boosts hiring for vital health care jobs during the public health crisis and speeds the development of a vaccine, treatments and faster diagnostic.”

From the National Law Review, a more comprehensive overview of the CARES Act which offers relief, support for US Healthcare Sector during COVID-19 response.  

From eHI, there's a great overview of the telehealth aspects of the bill HERE.  

And finally, for you geeks that want to read the text in detail, here’s the actual CARES Act.

We hear that this is just the first step from our government  to address the COVID-19 pandemic. We, at Healthmonix, are busy sharing our thoughts about effective actions with our representatives in Congress.   What are your thoughts on next steps?  We're willing to team up to address this crisis in the most effect ways possible.  Share your thoughts below or contact me directly at

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