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Nail Your 2018 QPP Reporting with the Help of our MACRA Specialists

Posted by Lauren Patrick on May 15, 2018


Over the past year, we tracked over 11 million patients with over 2 BILLION quality actions in MIPS reporting alone! We are already back to work and developing some really cool new analytic solutions to help our clients optimize their Quality outcomes.

At Healthmonix, our clients are at the core of everything we do. In that spirit, our MACRA specialists have realigned to focus on the details that are important to YOU in achieving success in your MIPS and other value-based care initiatives. I am pleased to announce the following changes and look forward to helping you achieve your reporting goals for 2018 and beyond.


For Health Systems and Hospitals

Christopher is now specializing in our hospital and health system clients. Health systems reserve a unique space in the world of QPP reporting, often having to overcome many obstacles to obtain data for a large number of physicians, multiple locations, and competing EHRs. By focusing on these specific challenges, we aim to ease the burden of reporting while providing the level of detail and quality required at your board level. Be it MIPS, APMs, or ACO reporting needs – we are committed to your success.

To work with Christopher, you can schedule time with him, or contact him directly via email ( or by phone (888-720-4100 x31)


For Provider Networks and Specialty Practices

Usman is dedicated to working with provider networks and specialty groups. We understand that each organization is structured differently and therefore faces unique challenges with MIPS and the transition towards Value-Based Care. From practices small and large and across all specialties, we work with you to tackle any obstacles standing in your way to achieve successful reporting.

To work with Usman, you can schedule time with him, or contact him directly via email ( or by phone (888-720-4100 x19)


For EHR/EMR Partnerships

Phil is now working to integrate and support EHR/EMR partners and their clients. While many EHRs capture information needed to report MIPS, it is not always easy to obtain and transfer relevant MIPS data between systems. By focusing on EHR partners, we can better streamline the data transfer process, allowing practices to spend more time improving their quality of care and EHRs to spend more time developing the system enhancements that are critical to their product objectives.

To work with Phil, you can schedule time with him, or contact him directly via email ( or by phone (888-720-4100 x21)


For RCM, Billers, Coders, and Consulting Partners

Christopher is also focused on our revenue cycle management and other partners. By having a channel focused on practice and revenue cycle management, Healthmonix is able to best leverage the data already being captured during the billing process and transform that into quality reporting insights. This combination empowers our partners to put their foot in the door of Value-Based Care with MIPSPRO. 

To work with Christopher, you can schedule time with him, or contact him directly via email ( or by phone (888-720-4100 x31)


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