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Usman Safdar

Usman Safdar has years of healthcare experience in research, clinical, and technological settings. Having seen firsthand some of the shortcomings in the industry, he is excited and eager to help medical practices, physician networks, and medical societies with MIPS and the transition to value-based care.

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You Should Care About MIPS. Here's Why.

Posted by Usman Safdar on October 3, 2018

There’s no doubt that MIPS involves a learning curve. The program’s rules can be complex and can require cumbersome initial investments of time and money, leading many doctors to try to avoid it altogether. But MIPS matters, and the most successful doctors in coming years will be those who invested wholeheartedly in the reporting process. Here’s why.

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CMS Has Released MIPS Feedback Reports: What To Do Next

Posted by Usman Safdar on July 19, 2018

It’s that time of year again: CMS has released final QPP performance feedback for 2017, including final scores and payment adjustment information. Here at Healthmonix, we believe in turning data into outcomes, taking control of performance, and driving revenue through value-based payments—which is why, now that you have access to your feedback, we’re outlining a few important next steps your practice can take to use that feedback in a meaningful way.

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How To Avoid the 5% MIPS Penalty This Year

Posted by Usman Safdar on June 14, 2018

In 2018, CMS is pushing even harder for the shift toward value based care. The minimum MIPS reporting score has increased from 3/100 to 15/100, and failing to report results in an automatic 5% reimbursement penalty. But if your practice or organization isn’t in a position to invest the kind of time, money, and resources that it takes to really go all in on VBC, you might be wondering: “what’s the minimum I can do to avoid the penalty?”

There is no one answer to this question, but the good news is that your practice has several options for how to report to earn a score of at least 15/100.

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How to Report MIPS as a Multi-Specialty Practice

Posted by Usman Safdar on May 17, 2018

We get a lot of questions from multi-specialty practices about how to get started with MIPS reporting. Measure selection can be confusing, and there are many common misconceptions, such as the assumption that different specialties cannot report together. Reporting MIPS can even seem entirely hopeless, due to the size, services, and systems used by your practice. That’s why this week we’re sharing our advice about the most significant steps your multi-specialty practice can take to set itself up for MIPS success!

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Why Mental and Behavioral Health Clinicians Should Still Report MIPS in 2018

Posted by Usman Safdar on April 12, 2018

As a mental and behavioral health clinician, you might be immediately skeptical about the title of this blog. CMS has, after all, given you a free pass for two consecutive reporting years. That’s right, the government is actually giving you a break! So why should mental and behavioral health clinicians still report?


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