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Amanda is motivated by helping others and improving process efficiencies. In her free time you can find Amanda with her dogs, either traveling, reading, gardening, or whipping up something new in the kitchen.
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Registry VS EHR Reporting: Your Optimal Strategy For MIPS Year 2

Posted by Amanda Fanean on April 26, 2018

Hospital executives have to make tough decisions during the shift to value based care, especially when it comes to software. What systems are worth investing in, and how can you ensure your hospital is getting the most out of its money? In MIPS reporting, for example, it can feel like an impossible task to weigh the pros and cons of reporting via EHR or working with a registry.

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Topics: PRO Tips, MACRA & MIPS, EHR, ROI

The State of Healthcare and the Agents of Change

Posted by Amanda Fanean on March 30, 2018

My parents love to reminisce about the good old days. They paint a picture of a “simpler” world where milk, ice, and the occasional Schwan’s were delivered right to your doorstep, and where doctors still made house calls. They were direct beneficiaries of the technological advancements that came about after the second industrial revolution and were part of one of the greatest economic expansions in history following WWII. They experienced the evolution of cars, colored television, mass production of penicillin, and automation.

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Topics: Industry insights

4 Ways Football Can Inspire Your Value-Based Healthcare Strategy

Posted by Amanda Fanean on February 2, 2018

Living squarely in Eagles territory with the big game less than a week away, I've noticed several correlations between the journey to becoming a winning football team and the implementation of a winning value-based care strategy.  A successful transition to VBC requires time, deliberation, and dedication to improving quality outcomes.  Sharing a vision isn't enough. There must be a greater commitment by the whole team to do what is necessary to achieve greatness.  Nothing good ever comes easily, so the key to winning is to keep your eye on the prize.  Here are just a few pro-tips for paving your way to victory:

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Topics: PRO Tips, VBC