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Streamlining MIPS Reporting When Using Data from Multiple Sources

Posted by Christina Zink on May 10, 2019

Health systems face a unique challenge when navigating the CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP). All currently available options to comply with the QPP require the submission of some form of clinical quality measures. With multiple specialties and often multiple sources for tracking billing and clinical data, aggregating all available data in a coherent, efficient, and centralized way can seem nearly impossible for the average health system. This case study demonstrates how MIPSPRO assisted one of their health system clients by streamlining their quality reporting process.

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Net Health Partners with Healthmonix to Provide Streamlined MIPS Reporting for Wound Care Providers

Posted by Christie Hicks on October 11, 2018

Net Health, the leader in software solutions for specialized outpatient care, has partnered with Healthmonix to provide streamlined Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) reporting for its WoundExpert customers.  The companies will collaborate to simplify the reporting process, improve patient health outcomes and maximize revenue. 

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Coming Soon to MIPSPRO: Plain English Mapping

Posted by Lauren Patrick on June 28, 2018

Healthmonix has just announced several types of increased functionality in the MIPSPRO measure engine, including new options to input the outcome of a measure for a visit using an “English” code. In this post, we’ll outline exactly what that entails, and what it means for our users and the future of interoperability.

Our measure status upload functionality will soon provide you with the ability to “tell” MIPSPRO the outcome of a measure for a visit using an English code, such as “Met”, “Not Met”, or “Exception”. Plain English expressions can be used in either spreadsheet or manual entry situations. This new feature will especially save time and energy for users whose EMR already tracks data in this or a similar format.

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Announcement: New and Upcoming MIPSPRO Features

Posted by Lauren Patrick on June 21, 2018

Here at Healthmonix, we’re always looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to navigate complicated Medicare reporting requirements and optimize their Quality outcomes. In the spirit of that mission, I am pleased to announce the following new and upcoming improvements to our MIPSPRO reporting system, which enable our customers to make even better use of the data they already have and provide a more seamless, less burdensome reporting experience.

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Primaris Partners with Healthmonix to Provide MIPS and ACO Reporting Solutions

Posted by Christina Zink on June 21, 2018

Primaris and Healthmonix have joined forces to help healthcare providers meet and exceed new regulations that tie the quality of patient care to the payment for that care.

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The Philadelphia Take Steps Walk: How Health Systems can make a Difference to Patients and Families

Posted by Christopher Jayne on May 24, 2018

This past Sunday, I was fortunate enough to attend the Philadelphia Take Steps Walk. Sponsored by the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and organized by members of the local community, this event raised $388,000 to fight inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Hundred of patients, providers, and organizations met at Citizen’s Bank Park here in Philadelphia to enjoy an educational festival, celebrate loved ones fighting IBD, and walk through the stadium and field as a show of solidarity to anyone suffering from these diseases.

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Nail Your 2018 QPP Reporting with the Help of our MACRA Specialists

Posted by Lauren Patrick on May 15, 2018

Over the past year, we tracked over 11 million patients with over 2 BILLION quality actions in MIPS reporting alone! We are already back to work and developing some really cool new analytic solutions to help our clients optimize their Quality outcomes.

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MIPSPRO by Healthmonix Awarded 2017 Qualified MIPS Registry Status by CMS

Posted by Christina Zink on March 21, 2017

Malvern, PA – March 16, 2017 – Healthmonix was first-to-market with an all-inclusive solution for MIPS reporting, MIPSPROTM. This Qualified MIPS Registry is an end-to-end reporting solution, supporting the Quality, Advancing Care Information, and Improvement Activity Performance Categories of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). The MIPSPRO engine also provides sophisticated real-time performance analytics, critical to competing for top MIPS incentives and improving patient outcomes.

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Happy New Year – And it will be a NEW year!!!

Posted by Lauren Patrick on January 5, 2017

As I sit in my office, I hear the Christmas decorations coming down.  There is comfort in the known passing of the seasons and excitement at Healthmonix as we move into MIPS for 2017.  Our new platform for MIPS is ready for launch.  We are excited to see our efforts pay off for healthcare.

While the national election means that the Affordable Care Act will likely be changed, MACRA was passed with wide bipartisan support so will likely be staying in place. We at Healthmonix don’t believe the change in administration will affect the underlying efforts to transition to value-based care, either for MIPS or any other initiatives that we currently support.  The triple aim (better care, lower cost, better patient experience) is still at the heart of what we do.    

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A New (Office) World : Healthmonix Olympics 2016

Posted by Lauren Patrick on September 2, 2016

The 2016 Healthmonix Office Olympics has concluded, and we wanted to share a piece of our culture and give you insight into what we do for fun.  

Over the course of two weeks, Health Monicas (as employees of Healthmonix begrudingly self-refer) competed in the following categories: Nerf Archery, Table Tennis, Rock’em Sock’em (robots), Foosball, Office Chair Rowing, and Trivia.  Teams were built to allow participants to interact cross-departmentally. The developers calculated as the sales people charisma-ed, teams were strong and the competition was feirce. 

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